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Automate Self-Service Resolution

Sofi for ServiceNow uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence to simplify the adoption of AI in the Enterprise. With out-of-the-box integration to ServiceNow, you realise value in weeks, not months. 

Sofi for ServiceNow is an integrated part of your Service Desk function to help improve overall productivity and employee service experience. With out-the-box integration to ServiceNow, Sofi is integrates with the older CMS portal or the new Service Portal even if you have developed a custom Service Portal.

Configure Sofi directly from your ServiceNow instance, giving you full control on what data is available to the Sofi backend.

To install and configure Sofi you simply load the update set provided and securely connect your ServiceNow instance to the secure encrypted API using the API key provided.


Sofi does not require an existing knowledge base or historical chat logs to work. If Knowledge is available, Sofi is able use both ServiceNow Knowledge and external Knowledge sources like Confluence and google docs etc. to federate knowledge across silos in the enterprise.

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Sofi for ServiceNow is more than a virtual agent for ServiceNow. Using the Service Agent Assistant, Sofi improves efficiency and productivity of your Service Desk Agents through augmented support by delivering :

  • Intelligent call classification and routing 

  • Intelligent response using exiting ServiceNow templates

  • Intelligent search to provide the right knowledge at the right time

Understand which high volume requests your Service Desk is dealing to continuously improve Sofi to better serve your employees.

New conversations are easily configured using our proprietary Dialog Manager, designed for use by department managers and business analysts.

No waiting for ServiceNow technical team to configure new dialogs and improve productivity. 

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Used by global enterprise customers 


Increased Service Portal adoption

Enterprise Search

Provide the right info at the right time


Reduce inbound emails

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